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Locksmith in Los Angeles, CA. – We are your go to service for a Los Angeles locksmith cheap. We are your home for a 24 hour emergency lockout service in L.A. Whether you are in need of a locksmith for your home, automobile, or commercial property, we are here to help. Our locksmith technicians are fully trained and capable of helping you with multiple lock services. Whether you are in need of new lock installation for your new home in L.A. Or you are locked out of your car or house, we have the necessary tools to complete the job in a time efficient manner. What Zip Code are you located in? Our phone system will connect you with our lock & key technician nearest to your location to make sure the process goes as quickly as possible when hiring out locksmith service. Just call our number and follow the instructions on the phone. We look forward to helping you!

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Residential Locksmith Services


Our residential locksmith technicians can handle all of your possible needs for a locksmith company. We have locations and technicians all over Los Angeles County at all times. Our technicians show up to the job in a fully stocked service truck to ensure that there will be now downtime while waiting on parts. We can handle most residential locksmith jobs much faster than our competitors by our ability to show up so quickly, and simply by the expertise of our locksmith technicians. We offer many different residential locksmith services, if it involves a lock and key, we can help! Whether you need door lock replacement, new lock installation or many of our lockout services, we can help you at your home. Key Duplication is another service we offer, so if you would like to give someone a set of keys, chances are we can come to you and duplicate your keys just as cheap as the department store. Call us today to see if we can help you with your locksmith needs in L.A.

Commercial Locksmith Services

In modern days, it is imperative that you have a keyless entry system that works properly. In big business properties most offices have the warehouse attached that is full of millions of dollars worth of goods. So with multiple employees having access to keys to different areas, it’s important that you have a keyless entry system for security reasons. We can install them for you! This way you won’t have to change the locks everytime someone gets fired, Plus it’s easiest on your employees and everyone to just input a code or swipe a card. We offer more than just keyless entry system installation, our commercial locksmith services are extensive. We also offer electronic door lock replacement and repair services, file cabinet locks, vault opening services plus so much more! Call us today for a commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, California.

Mobile Locksmith Services

Car locksmith L.A. are needed for many reasons. The most common reason is for a lockout service. We know how frustrating it can be to lock your keys in your car, the average person will do it 5 times in a lifetime so don’t be embarrased, call us today and we’ll have you on your way! Our mobile car locksmiths offer more than a lockout service as well. Do you need to have a key duplicated? Many people don’t realize that locksmiths can come to your location and duplicate your keys in your driveway or the parking lot of your workplace making the process a lot more convenient than having to go to the car dealer just to have your key duplicated. Our mobile locksmith technicians offer all services related to locks, seriously, find a lock we can’t crack! We dare you, In fact, We know you can’t! Call us now for a mobile locksmith in Los Angeles, CA.

Emergency Locksmith Services

24 Hour Locksmith, Were you aware that a 24 hour emergency locksmith is in fact the most demanded service in Los Angeles County, California?  Don’t waste your time calling all the small companies that can not make it to your location for hours, and call the largest locksmith company in Los Angeles. We offer emergency 24 locksmith services near you in L.A. Our technicians are spread all throughout the city and capable of making it to your location in a time efficient manner and in most cases we are faster than our competitors. Whether you lock your keys in your car, or lost your house key, you can feel safe knowing that all our employees go through an extensive screening process before they are allowed in the field. We know that in many cases people are by themselves when in need of a locksmith, there is no need to fear when calling Us, We take pride in customer satisfaction and are trained to make for the most comfortable situation possible, if for ANY reason you have ANY problems, give us a call. We are happy to help with all emergency and even crisis locksmith situations in Los Angeles.

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